Foot Pain, Injuries and Sports Medicine

Whether you enjoy staying fit, an athlete of all realms or someone who simply spends a lot of time on your feet, we all can fall subject to foot injuries. Daily demands of commuting and work can add up to numerous steps on your feet. At Podiatry on Yonge at King, we understand the importance of being pain free, so you can go about your life without nagging foot injuries.

Common foot complaints people seek treatment for include tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, forefoot pain, bunion pain, heel pain, ankle pain, nerve pain, knee pain, arch pain and toe pain. Our approach to care is to reduce pain and get you functioning healthy again. We focus on restoring imbalances in the foot and lower limb by assessing individual muscular strengths, weaknesses and flexibility. We believe in a well rounded approach and understand the impact foot pain has on the quality of life to all populations.

On our team, our practitioner focuses on sports medicine and the management of foot pain. She has experience with physiotherapists, has taken courses in sports medicine, kinesiology and myofascial release. She has helped treat elite athletes including Olympic Medalists in Track and Field. She enjoys ongoing learning in this area to help prevent and treat injuries of the foot and lower limb for others and herself.