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Our Toronto foot clinic provides downtown residents and professionals with total podiatric care

Diabetic Foot Care Supervision

Diabetics tend to be prone to foot issues due to poor circulation and nerve damage, making it important for any diabetic to consult with a podiatrist before serious complications arise. Chris Hastings is one of the most experienced podiatrists in diabetic foot care in Toronto. At the Podiatry on Yonge @ King foot clinic in downtown Toronto, we help assess manage any complications you might be experiencing as a result of diabetes, and ensure your feet stay healthy and strong. Our diabetic foot care supervision focuses on establishing proper foot care, from washing and drying feet to toenail care to foot protection, proper exercise, foot examination and more.

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Nail Care

At Podiatry on Yonge @ King foot clinic, we work with clients who are unable to manage nail care on their own, from simple tidying, to helping those who have difficulty reaching or seeing their feet, to working with clients who might have ingrown nails, discolouration, and other nail conditions.

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Smoothing of corns and callouses

Corns and callouses are areas of thickened skin that from when excessive pressure or friction is applied to the foot. When they develop on the feet, they can cause pain and discomfort when you walk or wear poor-fitting shoes. Those with bony feet are more likely to develop corns, as the feet lack natural cushioning that would prevent excessive friction. At our Toronto foot clinic, we will work with you to manage your corns and callouses, from smoothing them to suggesting the best shoes for your to wear, or in more serious cases, removal.

Medical care and supervision of fungus nails and skin disorders.

Toe nail fungus characteristically causes nails to thicken and yellow, and sometimes, become brittle. Toronto podiatrist Chris Hastings will assess the fungus, and possibly prescribe oral or topical fungus, a washing routine, and in some cases, surgical treatment. Skin disorders, such as blisters, athlete’s foot, cracked heels, warts and psoriasis are some of the common aliments we see in our downtown Toronto foot clinic. They often go untreated as they are typically covered by socks or shoes, but if you suspect you’re suffering from one of these disorders, we recommend visiting our clinic for assessment and management. Leaving a foot skin disorder untreated can result in pain, infection and even more serious disease.

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Gait Correction with Orthotics

Sometimes foot pain can be so debilitating that it can prevent you from leading an active lifestyle. Years of walking and participating in various sports, or injury can lead to alignment issues in your body, resulting in foot pain. Our foot clinic specializes in assessing gait conditions and correcting them by creating custom orthotics in Toronto using balanced and corrected plaster models.

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Surgical correction of deformed toes and joints.

Bunions and hammertoes can both be painful and cause difficulty walking. A bunion is a common condition that is characterized by a bony bump at the base of the big toe, causing the joint to swell, and in some cases, turn inward. Consequently, ingrown toenails, corns and callouses often develop. Hammertoes are crooked, contracted or deviated toes that develop due to muscle imbalance or ill-fitting socks and shoes. Over time, the tendons that typically pull the toes up and down begin to pull the toes at unequal tensions, resulting in a v-shape between the smaller toes. Bunions and hammertoes develop as a result of ill-fitting shoes, abnormal walking, injury, or arthritis, and in some cases, are inherited. When severe, Toronto podiatrist Chris Hastings corrects these toe and joint conditions surgically, resulting in pain relief and greater mobility.

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