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Minimal Shoes, Support and Orthoses

Minimal Footwear, Orthoses and Supportive Footwear    There can be some controversy on custom foot orthoses and some statements that they weaken the feet. There is a belief that minimalism is one approach and the other is to believe in supportive and durable footwear. My goal is to provide information on both to allow one […]

Foot and Ankle Tendinopathy Treatment Toronto

Tendinopathy and Treatment  Not all tendon pain is the same and depending on what stage someone is at, their progress in rehab can be catered to their individual needs. For instance, someone who has very recent tendon  pain, is treated differently than someone who’s had tendon pain for over three months. It is very important […]

Managing Injuries 

Managing Injuries As a foot specialist and runner, an important factor about injuries is nipping them prior to them becoming a bigger issue. Some people are afraid to rehabilitate in the early stages, however proper rehabilitation in the early stages can speed up recovery. Where doing too much too soon can also interfere with the […]

Ingrown Toenail Treatment 

Ingrown Toenail Treatment      Ingrown toenails are commonly seen in our practice. They can be painful, debilitating and can even keep you up at night!  What Causes an Ingrown Toenail?  Your anatomical makeup  Some people have nails that grow with a curvature on the sides, opposed to flat. What can happen is when the […]

Wart Treatment Toronto

Warts The medical term for this lesion is Verruca. Specifically on the foot it is a Verrucae Pedis. The specific virus that causes this Human Papillomavirus.Warts can be located anywhere on the body. The virus infected the skin, specifically a layer called the Stratum Spinosum, which causes thickening and possibly, pain. Common places one may […]

What It Mean When The Balls of Your Feet Hurt and What to Do!

Foot Pain On the Ball of the Foot (Metatarsalgia). Covid 19 has lead to people walking around barefoot more often. Underlying foot injuries when walking barefooted can worsen the severity of the condition.  Metatarsalgia  What is it?  Now there are different types of of conditions categorized as metatarsalgia.  The main sign and symptom pain at […]

Causes of Foot Pain-Bruised and Thick Toe Nails

Causes of Foot Pain-Bruised and Thick Toe Nails      How Do You Get A Bruised Toe Nail One of the many reasons people seek a chiropodist or podiatrist for foot pain, include bruised toenails. Bruised toenails can happen from repetitive trauma to the nails. This injury is commonly found in runners or hikers. This […]

Running in the Heat

Hydration and Exercising on Hot days  It is hot these days and that means we need to make sure we stay hydrated. Simply drinking water is not enough. When we sweat we lose a lot of electrolytes (minerals). If you don’t ever get cramps and then all the sudden on a hot day, you find […]