Foot Care Tips for Seniors

Being good to your feet becomes very important when you get older. Taking care of your tootsies means that you can prevent falls and injuries as well as some of the complications that can set in from diseases like diabetes.

Mastering a few tips can help keep your feet in great shape so they can take you wherever you want to go in your golden years.


Don’t Go Barefoot

While it’s tempting to go outside on a nice summer’s day without any shoes, it can be bad for your feet. It’s best for seniors if they wear closed toed shoes to protect against any kind of cuts, scrapes or even falls.

It’s even a good idea to wear shoes inside as much as possible to prevent the same kind of injuries.


Keep The Blood Flowing

It’s important to promote healthy circulation in your feet as you get older. Here are a few tips to help you accomplish that goal:

  • When you’re sitting down watching your favorite show on television or the Internet, prop your feet up on a stool. When you’ve been sitting down for a long time, wiggling your toes can also help to promote good circulation.
  • Stretching daily is also a good idea. In fact, many people learn some fundamentals of yoga to keep the blood flowing as they age. Regular foot massages are another healthy habit to get into.
  • Of course it almost goes without saying that you should quit smoking. Tobacco harms the circulation to your entire body.


Keep Those Toenails Cut

Some of the things that you can do to keep your feet in top shape might seem a little obvious. Trimming those toenails on a regular basis helps to prevent the problems associated with ingrown nails.

If you have trouble reaching your feet, you should see a podiatrist who can trim your nails regularly.


Combat Fungal Infections

Applying foot powder every day if you’re active is a good way to prevent infections like athlete’s foot. Making sure you are wearing the right shoes that fit properly is critical for seniors.

Keeping your feet dry by changing your socks on a regular basis is also a good practise.


Visit Your Podiatrist

Being proactive about your feet is always a good idea as you age. A big part of staying on top of any issues like hammertoe is going to see your podiatrist before they become bigger issues.

Preventing Foot Problems

Everyone changes as they grow older and there’s no reason to think your feet don’t do the same. People are often confused about the condition of their feet. They don’t know which foot problems are preventable and which ones need to be seen to by a podiatrist.

Here’s a few different scenarios and the things you can do to prevent the common problems.


Why Do My Heels Hurt?

If you ask a Toronto podiatrist like Chris Hastings, he will  more likely tell you that your heel pain is caused by plantar fasciitis. This is the condition that happens when the arch of your foot starts to collapse. Wearing the wrong shoes, gaining too much weight or even just an active lifestyle can cause this condition.

One of the best ways to treat this ailment is with the right kind of shoe. As a past President of the Ontario Podiatric Medical Association, Chris Hastings is available to help you get the right solution.


Why are My Toes Getting Crooked?

Bunions and a condition called hammertoe are behind crooked toes. You can get either one of these conditions from wearing shoes that don’t fit properly. They are also genetic.

Many people have a second toe that is longer than the first one. Over time, this longer digit tends to bend inside shoes designed to fit the shorter toe.

Finding shoes that provide excellent arch support is quite often the solution. An orthotic shoe is quite often the first step.  Sometimes, wearing this type of shoe over a period of time can correct the problem.

Chris Hastings can help when you need to have crooked toes and deformed joints repaired surgically. He has experience and understands that arthritis can be another reason for these deformities.


Why Do My Feet Itch and Burn?

The culprit here is quite often a fungal infection like athlete’s foot. However, itching and burning can also be the result of something in your socks.

Quite often antifungal cream is all that’s needed to control the burning and itching.

Chris Hastings understands many different kinds of foot problems and has a solution for each. As well as having his own Toronto podiatry clinic, he is served as a consultant in provincial hospitals.