Five things your downtown Toronto foot doctor should provide

Your feet are important to making sure you can get to work and to those things that you enjoy after that part of your day is done. Picking a downtown Toronto foot doctor is an important decision. Here are five things one of these experts should be able to provide for you.


An individual foot care plan

The choice you make should have a variety of specialties that pertain to your feet and ankles.  A good foot doctor will get to know you and have a tailor-made special plan for your feet. Personalized attention is the cornerstone that you need to look for.


Lots of experience

You only have one set of feet that are expected to last you a lifetime. Not only does the downtown Toronto foot doctor that you choose need to be fully licensed, they should be constantly upgrading their education along the way. It’s good to know that you are trusting your feet to someone who’s staying ahead of all the latest innovations.


An eye for both the old and new

The doctor that you finally choose needs to be flexible as well. That means they need to understand when more traditional treatments will do the most good. On the other hand, they also need to be able to be fully compliant with the latest technologies where those are applicable.


A friendly environment

The foot doctor that you finally choose should put some time and effort into making their office a comfortable and friendly environment. It’s important that the staff they choose are well trained and pleasant. It should be obvious that the doctor and his team are looking to keep your feet healthy and happy for a lifetime.


They should treat patients of all ages

Finally, it’s important to find a downtown Toronto foot doctor that can treat patients of all ages. Of course that means they will be able to treat everyone in your family. However, it also means that more than likely they treat people in your age group so they know the issues and symptoms that you are suffering with presently.

It’s good if the downtown Toronto foot doctor you choose has flexible hours. Most people have a hectic workday and working with the doctor that can accommodate your schedule makes it easier for you to get the treatment you need.

Your downtown Toronto podiatrist and diabetic foot care supervision

Chris Hastings, your downtown Toronto podiatrist of choice, understands how important it is to look after all of his patients with compassion and experience. That’s why the diabetic foot care supervision part of his practice is so popular. Here are a few things that you should know about looking after your feet if you have diabetes.


  • It is critical to make sure that your diabetes stays in check. You should be able to keep your blood sugar level within a good range. Otherwise, you can face the offshoots of diabetes like neuropathy.
  • Checking your bare feet every day is a necessity. Look for any cuts and bruises as well as swelling and blisters. You’ll need to look underneath as well. If you have a mirror you can do that yourself or ask someone to help you.
  • Your feet always need to be covered if you suffer from diabetes. You’ll need to wear shoes and socks every day. Having your shoes properly fitted is another service offered by your downtown Toronto podiatrist, Chris Hastings.


It’s important to make sure the blood flow is adequate to your feet too. There are a few simple exercises to make this happen. One of the easiest is wiggling your toes and moving your ankles for a few minutes each day. Stay away from tobacco and avoid sitting with your legs crossed.



If you know what to look for in the way of symptoms, you’ll know when to get treatment. You should have your feet checked twice a year by a downtown Toronto podiatrist. They will be looking for a variety of symptoms including redness, swelling or pains in your feet.

If one of your feet is different than the other , you should consult a podiatrist right away. One of the solutions is having your shoes professionally fitted. If you have corns or calluses, they should be looked at by professionals as well. Until you can make an appointment, it’s a good idea to avoid walking or exercising as much as possible.



If you haven’t an established routine for looking after your feet, start today. If you set a particular time every day to have a look, you can stay ahead of any problems associated with diabetes. Why not get in touch with Chris Hastings right now? He’s the downtown Toronto podiatrist that wants to help.